About the Modelling Register

About the Modelling Register

Calling​ ​All​ ​Models, Aspiring​ ​Models,​ ​Actors,​ ​Extras​ ​and​ ​Artists—Enter​ ​the​ ​International Modelling​ ​Directory​ ​and​ ​for​ ​a​ ​small​ ​membership​ ​fee​ ​be​ ​Seen,​ ​Chosen​ ​and​ ​Hired.
The Modelling Register Provides a full Trade look and Auto Search  Directory for Agents, Photographers, Casting Directors and
Clients looking for Models.

The Modelling Group has worked in the Modelling industry for some years experiencing all of the benefits and pitfalls at firsthand. We do not claim to have solved all of the problems but we have developed a system which goes a long way to making life easier for models and the industry in general.

The Worldwide Contact for Agents, Models, Photographers and Employers.

The system that we have developed is an automated modelling lookup directory, this will provide a vital service to all sectors of the modelling industry, all you need is a PC/tablet on your desk, browse to the modellingregister.com website, feed in your required modelling criteria and up will pop a choice of models fulfilling your requirements.

Find the right Models with the right Criteria for your Project.

All models, aspiring models, actors, extras, artists should join the Modelling Register and for a small membership fee can be seen chosen and hired worldwide. All sectors of the industry will benefit by having access to a large pool of models and a system which can easily display a range of models that can be sorted based on whatever criteria (eye colour, shoe size, chest size, etc.)

Enter​ ​your​ ​Full​ ​Modelling​ ​Profile​ ​Criteria​ ​—​ ​ for ​Full​ ​Auto​ ​Search​ ​and​ ​Found​ ​Benefits
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The modelling Industry is probably the hardest profession to break into, whether you are an Agency searching for employment positions for your models or a freelance model it requires hours of searching and profile presenting to find the right contract for the right models . All models need to be seen, chosen and hired, while Agents, Photographers, and Employers need to quickly find a model that matches the required criteria.

No More Profile Presenting – You are Right Here Right Now.

We will continually promote the Modelling Register to all parts and sectors of the trade, including Media, Advertising, Film, TV, and the promotional industries thereby stimulating employment for our members. Potential employers using the Modelling Register can now fulfil contracts for most parts of the world. By joining the Modelling Register and becoming a member your chances of employment are greatly enhanced. Enter your full profile presentation into the register today.

Matching Models to Clients – Join the Modelling Register Today.
Best​ ​Place​ ​To​ ​Be—​ ​Low​ ​Subscription​ ​Fee—Less​ ​Than​ ​17p​ ​Per​ ​Day—For​ ​Worldwide Display
TRULY​ ​GLOBAL​ ​—​ ​203​ ​Countries​ ​—​ ​26​ ​Currencies​ ​—​ ​PAYPAL​ ​&​ ​VISA
Your​ ​Currencies​ ​Assured​ ​Worldwide

Membership Fee: £60 per annum OR £35 half year OR £6 per calendar month.